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Welcome To My Personal Home Page
By now you'll already have been introduced to who I am and what I do from 'My Info' on the 'Philosophy and Theology Page', and from my 'Curriculum Vitae'. This section of the site includes some more detail and information about my family and me.
Updates for the Future
It is my intention over the coming years to continually expand these web pages, particularly as the list of my academic publications develops. Among many other items, plans are being laid for (1) the establishment of the 'Internet Journal of Theology', (2) to translate and transcript numerous pieces of work by Karl Barth, (3) to transcript many difficult-to-get-hold-of works by, and develop a page on, the late Scottish philosopher and theologian Donald M. MacKinnon, (4) to transcript a major lecture series by the late Hans Frei, professor at Yale.

Please be patient. All my pages will gradually evolve over time.

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